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Mission statement:
ConcertoNet.com is a websites created to provide information about and reviews of classical music from throughout the world. We endeavor to be a connection point for music lovers and those active within the world of classical music, and to serve as an inspiration for both.
First published in September 1997, ConcertoNet.com is one of the most important worldwide websites focused exclusively on classical music.

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Philippe Herlin

Editorial Committee:
- Simon Corley (Paris)
mail: concertonet.corley [at] hotmail.com
- Christian Dalzon (Los Angeles)
mail: concertonet.dalzon [at] yahoo.com

The Story:
- January 1995: birth of "Le Concertographe", a print magazine of classical music reviews in Paris.
- September 1997: birth of www.leconcertographe.com. The magazine stops publication.
- 1998, 1999 : Construction of a correspondents' network worldwide (London, New York, San Francisco,…).
- September 2000: ConcertoNet.com replaces leconcertographe.com
- July 2003: 2000th review!
- November 2003: an Editorial Commitee replaces Chief Editor Philippe Herlin
- December 2011: 8000th review

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