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Rare But Well Done

New York
Manhattan School of Music
04/30/2004 -  
Bohuslav Martinu: Mirandolina
Manhattan School Opera Theater
David Gilbert (conductor)

My first assignment on the radio was to fill in for a fellow whose favorite composer was Bohuslav Martinu. To this day, I have never met another with the same penchant. This popular on-air personality was not even Czech, but rather a young violist from Long Island. In any case, he truned me on to the glorious melodic invention of this displaced artist, using as his radio theme a lovely cutting from Martinu's Bouquet of Flowers.
Now, so many years later, an American premiere is staring me in the face. Mirandolina is a merry romp and was performed as such by the fine cast and crew of the Manhattan School. Especially impressive were the elan vital, the choreography and the set. Although the piece perhaps deserves its obscurity, its sunny side (it was composed in the south of France) shines through beatifically.
One was especially pleased with the fine play of the orchestra under last minute substitute (but regular) conductor David Gilbert. Although there may not be any Pavarottis or Flemings in this production, a good time was had by all. Ultimately, however, the opera is, like this review, a mere bagatelle.

Frederick L. Kirshnit



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