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“A Grand Romance”
Moritz Moszkowski: Caprice espagnol, opus 37 – Huit morceaux caractéristiques, opus 36: “Etincelles”
Eduard Schütt: Papillons d’amour/Souvenirs viennois: “A la bien-aimée” – Trois morceaux pour piano: “Canzonetta”
Adolf von Henselt: Douze études caractéristiques de concert: “Si oiseau j’étais, à toi je volerais!” – Petite valse
Ignacy Jan Paderewski: Miscellanea pour piano: Nocturne
César Antonovich Cuí: A Argenteau: “Causerie”
Sergei Eduardovich Bortkiewicz: Lyrica Nova: Andantino
Paul de Schlözer: Etude de concert
Mischa Levitzki: Valse
Giovanni Sgambati: Gavotta
Anton Rubinstein: Kammeniy-Ostrov, opus 10: “Rêve angélique”
Adolf Andrei Schulz-Evler: Arabesken über Themen des Walzers “An der schönen blauen Donau” von Johann Strauss
Abram Chasins: Three Chinese Pieces: “Rush Hour in Hong Kong”

Jeffrey Biegel (Piano)
Recording: Sono Luminus Studios, Boyce, Virginia (July 24-26, 2012) – 65’35
Steinway & Sons # 30017 – Booklet in English

If one were to seek anything close to “coloratura on a keyboard”, look no further...Jeffrey Biegel’s quality is hard pressed. Collected on this CD, these esoteric composers’ creations (from the late Romantic Age to early 20th century) have their own sense of musical independence and nuances which wowed audiences of the time with elaborate decoration.

Now a faculty member at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College in the greater New York City area, Jeffrey Biegel will endlessly dazzle and amaze. Thanks to Steinway & Sons, this collection will make one return to the recording countless times.

After restorative surgery at age three, having been restituted from audio and verbal absences, Jeffrey Biegel became a world class phenomenon. His accomplishes are unceasing with a capture of brilliancy that’s nothing short of phenomenal. For this gentleman to spend countless hours digesting these commanding notes is remarkable. Listening to these pieces, one will barely scratch the surface of popular classical music, ultimately, making the compilation a most extraordinary detail of musical finery.

Written outline of selections via Ray Bono elicits justifiable attention. The artists living within this reserve are heroes whom we rarely welcome with open arms and are, hopefully, embraced by individuals with an open-minded awareness inside the classical music kingdom. Without doubt, A Grand Romance is well worth obtaining predominately for its sheer beauty and flourishing integral values.

Christie Grimstad




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